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October 24, 2017

Unique Attributes of Bridget Scarr

Not everybody is born a leader. However, for Bridget Scarr, her leadership skills are just at the top. Bridget has been on the forefront in production and creating creative content. Currently, at Colibri Studios, she is the executive producer. She is also the head of content development, all partnerships, and strategies.

Bridget Scarr graduated from Rhodes University with a BA in Drama, Psychology, English, and Journalism between the years 2001-2004. Immediately, she became a production manager at Urban Brew Studios where she was in charge of production of different commercials. She, later on, joined Ogilvy & Mather and was a production manager to as she coordinated various TV Productions and campaigns. She has also worked at Bite Animation, Zero Point Studios, and Pollen Creative Media.

All this experience pushed her into coming up with Colibri Studios situated in the United Kingdom. The company was established in March 2016. Colibri is involved in content development as they try to create engaging stories that people can understand.

At Colibri, Bridget is involved in leading project development as well as seeking lucrative partnership deals. The partnerships include global production partners and looking for talented people. The firm has a reputation for combining research and unique ideas to come up with over-the-top projects.

Her all-rounded nature has helped the company a great deal. With branding, marketing, TV production and so on, she has brought a different kind of approach that differentiates Colibri from the rest. Her work involves having to research the emerging trends in the market so that they remain competitive. She believes that the company has to use advanced technology for it to stay in the market.

Bridget believes in unity. She prefers working with her team of experts as they brainstorm ideas and find ways of executing them. Her emphasis is on identifying a group that has similar objectives as the project for it to succeed. She believes that the team should be aware of the company’s goals so that they move towards the same direction.

Her massive contribution towards the development of the company has helped it grow immensely. Her unique input ensures that the company has new ideas that are most likely to penetrate the market. She advises future entrepreneurs to get mentors who will walk with them throughout the journey of their startups. Bridget also believes that with the right branding, a company is most likely to set itself apart from the rest. Her determination and motivation have brought her this far.


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