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December 03, 2016

Thor Halvorssen Is The Darling Of Nonprofits For Change

Nonprofits that fight for change in the world are spread across the planet where they reach out to those in need. The Human Rights Foundation or HRF was founded by Thor Halvorssen after his exit from Venezuelan politics. This article explains his mission with HRF, and there is a look at why his work is so important in the context of world politics.

#1: Politics Are Controlled By Movers And Shakers

The political world is controlled by people who attend parties, give money to good causes and change the world in their own right. Thor began the HRF in New York City as that offered him access to the people who make the greatest decisions, give the most money and have the most influence.

#2: He Requires Access To World Leaders

Thor manages the charity from New York City, but he travels the world in search of world leaders who will listen to him. He prefers to take audience with a leader who neighbors a struggling province, or he may visit a world leader who is accused of wrongdoing against their people. He believes that talking to each person will make a greater difference in life, and he will continue taking meetings until the leaders are willing to work with him.

#3: He Is A Committed Activist

Thor is a committed activist who believes he may make a change in the world, but he will not stop until he has seen every change required of the world around him. He sees things that are troubling to his soul, and his nonprofit raises money often to enhance its future projects. Thor is a fine man who has used his position at the CEO of a nonprofit to meet the world, change the minds of world leaders and raise money on behalf of the oppressed. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

There are quite a few changes that must be made to the world around him, and Thor Halvorssen will work as he did in his government life to improve the lives of those he does not know. It is his mission to bring people closer to their best life.