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December 28, 2016

The Amazing Life of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello is the current CEO and the president of Nabors company. Anthony Petrello has risen various ranks to be in his current position Lead by ambition and desire to serve; Tony has successfully held his president position at Nabors since 2012. His enthusiasm to lead, and his organizing and strategic planning knowledge have made him one of the best-paid CEOs around the globe.

Tony Petrello obtained his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Yale University in 1996. After the degree had been conferred, he enrolled in a masters program in the same institution mastering mathematics as his core subject. Later, he joined Harvard law school and graduated with a degree in law in 1979. While still pursuing law, Tony was a consultant in the state of Massachusetts. Later he moved to Baker &McKenzie LLP. In 1986, he was appointed the managing partner of the company a position he held till 1991. He left Bakers & McKenzie for Nabors Industries Limited where he has been attached to date.

Tony has risen various ranks in the Nabors Industries from COO, deputy president, and finally president and CEO of the Nabors on FuelFix. He has completed two decades in the company a reason that has seen him get rewarded greatly. In the 2015 financial year, Tony received a total of $27,512,939 as compensation for his great job. The financial specialist said that the compensation was because Tony had increased the profitability index of the company as well as its operation base. With the current 25 rig machines and its availability in the United States and other 24 foreign countries in the drilling market, Nabors has recorded a significant change in its profit thus being able to give the CEO such compensation.

Eight years ago, Tony and his wife Cynthia were blessed with a daughter by the name Carena. On birth, Carena was diagnosed with a neurological disease which she has been living with to date. Carena has periventricular leukemia a condition she learns to live with and survive each new day no matter the hardships. From this scenario, Tony, and his wife Cynthia have been dedicated to giving and donating a large sum of money to Texas Children Hospital on to assist those children who suffer same problems as their daughter and need financial assistance. Lately, the couple gave $5 million and promised to be active fundraisers in case the need arises.

Other than being the president and CEO, Tony also sits on various boards as a member of the council. For instance, he is a member of the Council of Stewart & Stevenson LLC from 2011 to date and a member of the Council of Hilcorp Energy Co. He has proved himself to be worth of service to any organization that needs to implement new strategies on The Daily Beast as well as using the current ones to achieve higher performance.Tony took the position when Nabors was in financial crisis, and Dudley Rodgers stepped down paving the way for Tony to showcase his management skills and abilities. Tony Petrello has proved himself the best in the position and has promised to continue doing anything possible in his power to enlarge and to enable Nabors industry to cross many other countries by giving quality service.