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January 09, 2017

Simple Steps To Healthier Hair

Hair is one of the top things that is important to take care of. Everyday we put our hair through so much stuff. Whether it is cleaning it, styling it, using a styling tool on it or anything else we put our hair through it can become dry and damaged. When Hair becomes dry and damaged it has no bounce and no volume and can even have split ends. There are many ways to help care for your hair to ensure it stays healthy and shiny even through all the styling and products. Below are just some of the few ways you can take simple steps to make your hair healthier.

Use Sulfate Free Products

Sulfate can be very damaging for hair. It can cause it to be dry and split. Avoiding products with sulfate in it is one major was to get healthier hair. Instead try using products that opt for more natural cleaning agents. One of the best sulfate free washes is the Wen By Chaz Depp Cleansing Conditioner. The conditioner both cleans hair as will as conditions and nourishes it. Wen is a hair care brand by Chaz Dean ( that became popular well over a decade ago when they first introduced their sulfate free products. Ever since then they have sold millions and millions of bottles of their products. The deep cleansing conditioner is very easy to use simply wet the hair and apply the product. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing out. Once it is rinsed out hair will be healthier, shiner and much more manageable.

Try Adding Moisture

Hair often looks and feels dry because it is lacking in moisture. By adding moisture back into the hair is will have more life and more volume. One of the best ways to add moisture to the hair is by using a mask. One of the best masks to try is the Wen By Chaz intensive moisture treatment mask. This is the perfect mask for all hair type and styles and will leave hair feeling refreshed and full of bounce. Simply wash hair as normal and apply the mask to wet hair. Allow it to sit for at least 20 to 30 minutes for the best results. Hair will be much smoother and softer.

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