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December 23, 2017

Paul Mampilly suggests 3 new technology sectors to invest in

If you are looking to invest your money into something lucrative, it’s good to consult a professional. Luckily there’s Paul Mampilly to the rescue! He has over 25 years experience as a financial advisor, so he knows what he’s talking about. He has even won the Templeton Foundation investment competition. Paul Mampilly is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Capuchin Consulting. He also founded the super popular financial newsletter Profits Unlimited. It suggests stocks to invest in that Paul himself has personally researched and watched over a period of time.

The financial guru received a BBA at Montclair State University in Accounting and Finance. Then at Fordham Graduate School of Business he got his MBA in Finance. With all his years of experience he is on the pulse of investment trends that are going to be huge. Here are three that Paul Mampilly suggests to invest in now.

3-D printing is becoming a growing field that was built from the affects of natural disasters. They use 3-D printing to build houses with a lot less hassle and in a much shorter period of time. Because tornadoes and hurricanes there is a huge need to rebuild communities. Unfortunately, it can take many years and big money to finish, but with the help of 3-D printing you can cut down the time drastically and can cut costs by 40 percent! Investing in this type of technology will definitely reap huge rewards in the future.

Amazon announced to the public that they are going to get involved in the medication/pharmacy sector really soon. Instead of going through the hassle of getting your medication at the pharmacy you can order it off Amazon without the headache. When you get your medication at the pharmacy they can jack up the cost up to 36 percent because of the middle-men involved. You also have to go through quite a process to get it, including waiting for the prescription to be filled. Investing in Amazon’s medication delivery will certainly be fruitful.

Paul Mampilly has one more investment suggestion. It is all about virtual reality, which is becoming huge right now. More and more there are things all over the internet about virtual reality and augmented reality. It is a great way for viewers to feel like they are experiencing something firsthand. Companies producing this type of software and technology have grown over 900 percent in the last couple of years.

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