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May 03, 2016

Make an Event a Success With These Great Planning Tips

Anyone who has have ever held an event that turned out to be a big flop knows that you can’t just put up a few balloons and streamers, and hope for the best. It takes time and planning for it to be a success. It also helps to have a few tips to get started with.

The Numbers

One of the most important things to do when planning an event is the math. First, make a guest list of all the potential people that might come. Then, calculate the amount of food and drinks that each person might want while they are there. Do the same math to calculate how many napkins, dishes, and party favors that the guests will need. Always include a few extras. These numbers have to be given to the catering company. Don’t forget to consider seating.

Prepare for the Worst

Always have a back-up plan for possible things that could go wrong on the day of the big event. Have another band on speed dial in case one doesn’t show. Decide what to do if a guest is disruptive. Prepare for a speaker not showing up. Have a sheltered area ready if rain comes unexpectedly.

Promoting the Party

After carefully planning a beautiful event, many people get sorely disappointed when no one shows up. This is often because there was not enough promotion done. Put out lots of fliers. Send out emails and social media invitations to all of the guests, and include a request for an RSVP. Or, simply do things the old fashioned way, and mail formal invitations.

Have a Theme

Themes make event planning so much easier because everything looks and feels coordinated. Mish mash items set randomly or colors that don’t really go together will come off as frumpy.

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One thought on “Make an Event a Success With These Great Planning Tips

  1. Kate Henshaw says:

    Choose simple themes that the guests will all enjoy and feel comfortable with. Just don’t forget to remind all of the guests several times. There are certain things that would love to see what becomes of them all.

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