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July 11, 2016

Kenneth Goodgame Keeps His Company On Message

Kenneth Goodgame is the senior VP of True Value Hardware who is in charge of merchandising and design. He works very hard every day to make sure that his company looks the way that it should, and he also wants to be sure that all customers come into a store that makes them feel better about shopping for hardware and tools. The company was founded long ago with that down home feel that people like, and Kenneth Goodgame wants to be sure that he keeps that up.

The ways that he keeps up the look in the store is to be sure that he is honoring the styling from the past. People who walk into a True Value are going to see something that looks just like it might have in the past with some modern touches. The modern touches make it easy for people to have a good shopping experience, and the modern touches allow people to feel like they are finally in a good place to find what they are looking for. Everyone is slightly different, but they will all be very impressed with the way that True Value stores look.

Kenneth is responsible for making sure that the company is updating often to be sure that they will look modern while still retaining their old styling. That is the only way for people to feel like they are still connected to such a nice company. True Value has its own feeling that people want when they come through the door, and that is why it is so important for Kenneth Goodgame to do the work that he does. He is helping keep a classic company in the hearts and mind of its customers, and he is making sure that everyone who passes through the doors sees something that is both modern and rustic at the same time.

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