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December 05, 2017

Rick Smith Of Securus Technologies Releases Customer’s Feedback On Solving And Preventing Crime Using Technology

Recently, Securus released customers’ comments on its technological solutions that help in solving and preventing crime. From a press release that I read on PRNewswire, the provider of civil and criminal technology solutions’ chief executive officer published samples of letters and emails from jail and prison officials who are using the company’s solutions.

The letters and emails are from officials charged with the duty of taking care of inmates across the United States. The officials have used Securus’ technology solutions to prevent and solve crimes. This success has helped in improving the security in the correctional facilities. It has also led to a safer society. I believe that the company expunged any detail such as facility names, counties, and states for purposes of protecting the officials and their facilities.

Speaking during the event, Richard A. ‘Rick’ Smith revealed that his company produced a minimum of one new service or product every week. These products are aimed at improving security in the prisons. The company’s solutions are used for communication, operation management and enhancing investigation. All communications made through the company’s VoIP platform are recorded and can be availed to jail administrations anytime, thus preventing and solving criminal activities inside and outside the prison.

In one of the samples, a client thanked the company for their assistance that enabled the jail officials in the facility to use information from phone calls made from the prison to arrest a corrupt staff. The staff was involved in bringing contraband to inmates in the facility for a fee. In another comment sample, prison officials were able into investigates suspicion of drug selling and alcohol use by the inmates. This information was originally published on PRNewswire.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based provider of technology solutions to correctional facilities. The company has over 3,450 clients, including corrections, public safety and law enforcement agencies. Securus’ products and services seek to enhance emergency response, safeguard public information, augment communication as well as facilitate biometric analysis, information management, monitoring and promote incident management. This information was originally reported on LinkedIn.


September 28, 2017

Securus Technologies Protecting Those Who Serve

Each day that I show up for work at the local prison, me and my fellow corrections officers know we have to be on our game or we risk serious injury. Inmates in our prison are packed into their cells like sardines, and when those tensions flare, they often lash out at the only authority figures within arms reach. Despite me trying to show these inmates respect, they are reacting to the system and using me and my team as the punching bags.


Part of the reason we have so many violent outbursts inside our facility is because of the increased drug use. With a huge gang population behind bars, these inmates have connections inside and out of the jail, making accessing the drugs easier than it would be if they were simply on the streets again. Stopping this flow of drugs is priority one, and we do so in a number of ways each day. Part of my daily routine includes setting up a station in the visitor center where we do a physical search of every guest and inmate, ensuring nothing illegal is changing hands.


We also do cell inspections each day, searching every inch of those living quarters for anything drug related. We used to listen to the inmates on the phones too, but Securus Technologies has made that job easier for us. They installed a monitoring system to listen to the calls, and the LBS software detects certain chatter and alerts my team so we can take action instantly instead of always trying to anticipate issues.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas Texas, has over one thousand employees, and the team and CEO Richard Smith, are all dedicated to trying to make our world just a little safer. That system has made my job easier and is helping protect the lives of my officers.