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July 11, 2016

Diversant: The Company That Thinks Outside the Box

When you have a company, there needs to be something about you that stands out and is different. If not, you will just get lost in the shuffle and be another random company. When you go on Diversant’s wonderfully informative website, you will see something that says “Empowered by Difference.” That to me is a bold and true statement. I like difference and difference is what is going to change the world. The same old way of doing things, well, that just isn’t going to cut it. Not only do they like to do things differently, but they are empowered by it. They stand behind it, one hundred and ten percent. It is more than a statement for them, it is a way of life.

While others are looking to do things the same old, same old way, Diversant is looking to stand out from the pack and be different. They know that if they have fresh ideas and aren’t afraid to try new things, they can make a real impact. The thing is they aren’t afraid to do it. Many companies prefer to do things the same way because they feel like if something isn’t broken, why fix it? However, sometimes they fail to see when things are broken and it gets overlooked by them. Nothing gets overlooked at Diversant and they are always looking at every possible angle.

A big part of that is John Goullet, Principal and entrepreneur. He is one of those people that has his pulse on the future and his pulse on what is going to work and what isn’t going to work. He is not afraid of anyone’s ideas and he doesn’t care where they come from or who comes up with it. John knows that he is part of a team and in order for the team to succeed, everyone has to pitch in and everyone has to have a say. At Diversant, there is no such thing as a bad idea. It is only a bad idea if you don’t try or if you sit by and don’t do anything. Failure isn’t failure when you pick yourself back up again and learn from it.

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July 11, 2016

Talk Fusion Providing More Than Just A Means Of Communication

Talk Fusion has had a great deal of success since their initial launch in 2007. Their CEO and visionary, Bob Reina is continuously striving to improve upon their platform in order to help the communities that they serve lead better lives. He does not merely stop there and has recently implemented a unique program that allows users of the Talk Fusion application suite to donate a full user account of the suite to a charity of their choosing. The full user account is for their custom monthly plan which is the latest and greatest option among their product range. This unique plan gives the charity the opportunity to get access to all of their applications such as Video Newsletter, Video Email, Live Meetings, Video Chat and Sign-up Forms.

This program launched by Bob Reina is very unique as it allows the charities that the accounts were donated to, to reach more people on a global basis as well as spread their message. This had not been possible for a lot of charities as they simply did not have the opportunity to do so. Bob Reina realized this and made it his mission to provide them with this unique product and opportunity.

These cutting edge products allow people to not only communicate better but also reach certain goals and live out buried dreams. Talk Fusion is a business opportunity and not merely a video communication platform. The fact that the user can broadcast their message to many more people using the internet is a side benefit. The real benefit lies in the business side of the product which allows associates across the globe to earn an income from the safety of their homes simply through sharing the product and concept with others.

The video chat application is one of many applications contained within the Talk Fusion Suite. It allows for the user to video chat with other users through a PC, Mac or smartphone device in high definition quality, provided they have an adequate internet connection to support it.