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January 25, 2017

Investing In Wealth with Jeffry Schneider and Ascendant Capital, LLC.

Jeffrey Schneider is the profound founder of the Texas-based financial advisory firm, Ascendant Capital, LLC. Ascendant Capital has been leveraging Schneider’s extensive skills in the in the innovative approach to financial structuring as well as sales and marketing. As such, the entity has managed to pool alternative investment funds for both the established and emerging investors. Working in collaboration with a network of family offices, broker-dealers, as well as investment banks, Ascendant Capital has managed to distribute its alternative investment funds globally.

Under the able leadership of Jeffrey Schneider, the firm has continuously experienced rapid growth within which it increased its employee base from juts two to over thirty qualified, reliable workers. In a period of five years, Schneider had managed to raise almost $1 billion for the firm’s managers. Today, Ascendant Capital encompasses over 260 investment advisors, more than fifty broker-dealers as well as numerous family offices. In addition, the firm features a keen interest in real estate, technology companies, and auto dealership ventures. With the jaw-dropping growth, Jeffrey and his associates at Ascendant Capital, LLC. Are set for a bright future.

In 2016, Ascendant Capital, LLC., aimed at raising $50 million every month, which was a dream that Jeffrey Schneider strived to make true. Relating to the market trends, Mr. Schneider strongly thinks that alternative investments are key to portfolio diversification and volatility reduction. Over the past few years, Ascendant Capital experienced astronomical growth, which is attributable to Jeffrey’s proactive approach to market trends. Ascendant Capital profoundly features an excellent and well-tailored culture. Jeffrey Schneider attributes both his and firm’s success to the inherent culture of the institution. Ascendant Capital leverages its environment to develop and sustain extensive relationships with all its stakeholders. The interests of the company are aligned in such a manner that gives the investors’ interests priority.

Jeffrey Schneider is a native of Manhattan. He ventured into the financial services industry on his graduation from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Jeffrey Schneider honed his skills and gained extensive experience while working for various renowned financial advisory companies. Prior to moving to Ascendant Capital, Jeffrey Schneider worked with Paradigm Global Advisors in 2002.

Jeffrey brought along a full spectrum of expertise and experience to his repertoire. It is at the Ascendant Capital where Jeffrey Schneider instituted a mechanism of evaluating the performance of the top officials. With a wide range of expertise in alternative investment, Jeffrey Schneider went on to establish his financial advisory company, Ascendant Capital. Jeffrey had the primary aim of offering objective and unbiased financial services free from conflict of interests. Ascendant Capital works with family offices, international markets, broker-dealers, and investment banks to facilitate the distribution of its financial advisory services. Noticeably, Jeffrey Schneider is a profound philanthropist where he utilizes various organizations such as the Gazelle Foundation, Cherokee Home for Children as well as Wonders and Warriors to support human causes.