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May 27, 2016

First Birthday on the Farm

The first birthday is a milestone birthday. Even if the child involved will likely have no memory of the event it will be a treasure one for the parents. Pictures are important to the memory because the story can be told to the youngster when they’re old enough to understand as well as becoming an oft repeated tale at family events. That is why so many want to make sure that their memories will be unique and fun filled. Parents plan for dinosaurs, princesses, and mashed up cakes. That tradition has been a treasured staple for decades but sure there is more that can be done with it.

It is unsurprising that an event planner would go that extra mile for their child and Jessica from Twenty Three Layers, an event planning company from out of New York City, definitely did that. She is both the founder and CEO of this vibrant company. Their attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction has built them a loyal customer base. Their creativity takes them to the next level. She brought that same attention to detail and creative spirit her son’s birthday party.

Teddy’s first birthday had an enchanting farm theme that ensured that boys and girls would both feel included. The table was set up to be kid friendly with a charming red checked table cloth. Toddlers are a rambunctious lot so giving them the freedom to get up and run around could only benefit the overall good cheer of the event. Small board books that fit the theme were charmingly wrapped as party favors and the cups were sensibly lidded. Jessica made sure that all the food was little hand friendly to make sure no food fight broke out and carried the farm theme over to the dessert table which had miniature farm carts as trays.
The selection of treats and the fact that she made the party both kid and parent friendly speaks well to her skills as a planner. Twenty Three Layers could put that party up and corner the kid birthday market, but she makes sure not to limit herself. The company takes care of all manner of events and does so thoroughly. They have done weddings, themed parties, Christmas parties, and children’s parties. This is a truly versatile company and little Teddy is lucky to have such a mother to help make the most of all his birthday memories.

Make an Event a Success With These Great Planning Tips

Anyone who has have ever held an event that turned out to be a big flop knows that you can’t just put up a few balloons and streamers, and hope for the best. It takes time and planning for it to be a success. It also helps to have a few tips to get started with.

The Numbers

One of the most important things to do when planning an event is the math. First, make a guest list of all the potential people that might come. Then, calculate the amount of food and drinks that each person might want while they are there. Do the same math to calculate how many napkins, dishes, and party favors that the guests will need. Always include a few extras. These numbers have to be given to the catering company. Don’t forget to consider seating.

Prepare for the Worst

Always have a back-up plan for possible things that could go wrong on the day of the big event. Have another band on speed dial in case one doesn’t show. Decide what to do if a guest is disruptive. Prepare for a speaker not showing up. Have a sheltered area ready if rain comes unexpectedly.

Promoting the Party

After carefully planning a beautiful event, many people get sorely disappointed when no one shows up. This is often because there was not enough promotion done. Put out lots of fliers. Send out emails and social media invitations to all of the guests, and include a request for an RSVP. Or, simply do things the old fashioned way, and mail formal invitations.

Have a Theme

Themes make event planning so much easier because everything looks and feels coordinated. Mish mash items set randomly or colors that don’t really go together will come off as frumpy.

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