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January 11, 2017

4 Things You Should Know About Doe Deere

She Is A Proud Vegan

Doe Deere is a strict ethical vegan and everything about her product line reflect this. She understands that, unfortunately, there are many makeup lines using animal products as ingredients. In protest of this cruelty Deere does not allow any animal products in Lime Crime makeup. This isn’t some gimmick she uses to boost sales either. Deere personally donates to nonprofits focusing on helping shelter animals find homes.



She Was One Of The First Web Celebrities

Doe Deere rose to fame during the mid 2000s. It was a time that saw the beginnings of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and other major social media websites. She didn’t have any precedents to rely on or copy either. Instead, Doe Deere had to pioneer an entirely new path for herself towards stardom. Once she reached stardom her fan base was large and loyal. This what led to the idea to launch her own makeup line. She knew her fans wanted someone to give them something that represented their own style and interests. From that point on she was an entrepreneur.



She Wants To Encourage Women In Business

As a successful female entrepreneur, Deere had to overcome many serious obstacles in the process of creating her business. She understands how difficult it is for many women to start their own business and she chooses to help them out by teaching young women some of the things that helped her succeed. Right now, Lime Crime is business raking in millions in revenue with a 9 year history. The vast majority of businesses fail within the first 4 years. To reach the position that Deere has and to maintain it for as long as she has is no fluke. She is truly a business prodigy.



Her Business Continues To Grow

The amazing success that Lime Crime has had continues and the brand grows every day. Since she was a small a girl, Deere has wanted to find a way to express her creativity and love of bright colors. With Lime Crime, Doe Deere lives out that dream with her fans. Additionally, her business is an accurate reflection of her values. Lime Crime is vegan, all natural, and empowering. All too often in the world of business young women are forced to compromise and change who they are. Fortunately, Doe Deere is the same person she was when she started her business.

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November 13, 2016

Doe Deere Wants Her Makeup To Do More Than Just Look Good

Doe Deere loves creating different forms of makeup. She creates the color and texture of many different lipsticks, eye shadow products, blush, and much more. However, she does not sell her products just to put money in her pocket. Doe Deere sells her products so that people can feel better about themselves. That is why she only uses bright colors. She has also created many of her colors by combining many different bright colors together.

Doe Deere products are now becoming a hot trend in the United States and around the world. They are even starting to be used by famous people. Customers have stated that this is the first makeup that allows people to be themselves. Makeup can sometimes make people act differently, and it’s not always for the better. There is something about the makeup sold by Doe Deere that is pushes people to be themselves in the most pleasant way.

Doe Deere believes that feeling good has a lot to do with the color people are wearing. Deere believes the brighter the color the brighter a person will feel. Doe Deere can even custom make products for any customer. Doe Deere also offers free samples to potential customers, and these customers will not be hassled with dozens of emails and/or phone calls every week.

Doe Deere believes that certain styles can be right for a moment. That is why she allows people to contact her regarding her makeup. Deere is great at giving advice when it comes to makeup hair and clothing. If you do not know what to wear or how to do your hair to accompany makeup created by Doe Deere, contact Doe Deere and her team. Doe Deere will let you in on dozen of different options, and you will surely find one that suits you.

Doe Deere took an interest in makeup at a very early age. She used to combine makeup from various makers and bring forth her own style. She always wanted to create her own company but never really had the courage to do so. In the early 2000’s, Doe Deere was instructed by her friends to create a brand because the makeup she was creating at that time was amazing. The colors used by Deere were never introduced to the makeup world.

Deere called her business Lime Crime. She chose the word lime so that brightness shines in the name of her brand. Deere was an instant hit, and she is now purchasing factories because one facility is too small for all her customers. Deere, however, takes most pride in making her customers feel good about themselves. To her making money is not the goal; it’s helping people.

Deere was not really noticed at first, but that was because she did not have a customer service department established for her business. Now, Doe Deere has a twenty-four hour service that is available every single day of the week; this includes all major holidays, too. All of her representatives are skilled in the art of makeup.

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July 12, 2016

Discover The Hair Care Benefits Of Wen By Chaz

Wen hair By Chaz was recently tested on the online site Bustle and has received great reviews. Your hair can get the attention and care from a bottled hair care solution that is a fraction of the cost of their competitors. Wen works on all hair types and strengthens your hair with all natural ingredients. The testimonial from Bustle is a real individual and not a paid actor. She gives you day by day results of the benefits of using Wen By Chaz. In fact, she says her hair felt fuller after the first application. She recommends Wen to anyone looking for reasonably priced hair care solutions.

Wen hair is a genie in a bottle for hair. Their Cleansing Conditioner takes away the frizz, leaves your hair clean, and has a lasting aromatic scent. Each bottle has the proper usage clearly listed on the bottle. Customers are encouraged to use up to ten pumps, but the shampoo requires far less. Take your hair to the next level with Wen By Chaz. You’ll love your new hair and recommend Wen to all of your friends and family. Your hair will feel free and Wen products never weigh your hair do wn.

Wen care products can be purchased hassle free online from Most forms of payment are accepted. Their Total Beauty product website has a list of their products clearly listed on their website by description and product. Their online chart will help you find a product for your unique hair type. You’ll experience less breakage and fuller hair in one month. You no longer have to use several costly hair products that don’t produce results because Wen By Chaz has the proven results that you’ve seen from their infomercial. Take back your hair with the benefits of Wen products.

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June 17, 2016

Doe Deere Believes People Should Follow Their Dreams

Doe Deere is as open about her entrepreneurial success as she is about her fashion preferences. This Russian born go-getter describes herself as always having been an imaginative person. The first big dream she chose to pursue was becoming a musician in New York. This dream allowed her to learn a lot about how the world of business worked. Ms. Deere it seems, has always possessed the ability to turn her passion into a profitable business. In an online interview she discussed how at the young age of 13, she found temporary tattoos and sold them to her classmates. She was able to popularize the tattoos by showing her friends they were cool to wear.

Follow Your Heart

As the founder of the now popular line of cosmetics known as Lime Crime, Doe Deere is quick to lend her advice to those looking to make their dreams come true. She tells people to follow their hearts when looking for something to pursue as a business venture. As her unique line of cosmetics reflects, Ms. Deere strongly believes every person is special and has something unique onto themselves to offer the world. The key is in knowing who you really are and what you really want to achieve.

Ms. Deere’s passion for unusual color combinations is what led her to create her own line of brightly colored cosmetics. She was truly amazed by how many other people had been looking for the exact same type of product line. The unusual colors found in the line of Lime Crime cosmetics is what Ms. Deere attributes to the success of her company.

Express Yourself

When asked about her personal view of makeup, Doe Deere stated she liked using makeup as a way of expressing her personal freedom. She firmly believes that people should have the ability to express who they are without being judged. Ms. Deere also believes individuality and freedom of expression extend to the world of fashion and hair. As a way of expressing her unique personality, Ms. Deere frequently changes the color of her hair to match the outfits she wears. She can also coordinate her makeup by using any number of the bold shades found in her Lime Crime series of lip and eye colors.