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October 20, 2017

Academy of University NYFW

This particular New York Fashion was showed on September 9, 2017 at Skylight Clarkson square. The first design follows Hailun Zhou’s work, and the clothes were inspired by the photographs she took at her creative concept class. The outfit shows the reflective shirt and pants that have numerous designs on them. Her other design features pink, reflective overalls with symbols on her designs which are made out of vinyl and PVC along with other fabrics. Eden Selzin, works come from the celebration on denim in San Francisco. The two jackets feature a denim jacket and pants along with a denim parka. Its made of organic denim and recycled rubber bikes to support sustain ability. Dina Marie Lam, is from Los Angeles and her designs were inspired by the passing of her aunt and wanted to convey her feelings through this collection. The soft and luxurious materials are use to convey her aunts warmth and comfort with a flower design. Her other outfit is a outwear design with a cloak that has numerous embroidered designs. Carlos Rodriguez was born in Mexico city and raised in California. His design uses a garment by using embroidery and different hand techniques. The design is blue and white.

Academy of Art university was established in San Francisco in 1929. Their university transforms talent and inspiration into innovation and creativity.

They prepare their students for design, they offer graduate and undergraduate courses. The University exists in an urban environment so the students can take inspiration from that as much as possible. The school has professional designers to come and share their experiences in their careers.

The school has been innovative online arts programs since 2002. The school holds over 70 art and gallery exhibitions every year in San Francisco. They have a NCAA sports program with 16 intercollegiate teams.

January 19, 2017

Brian Bonar’s Esteemed Career

Brian Bonar is a well known investor who is based out of San Diego, California. In addition to being a prominent investment professional he is also an aficionado concerning finances. He shares all of the knowledge he has accumulated on the subject of finances.

Bonar is currently the CEO of Dalrada Financial. The company is also located in San Diego and provides their clients with insurance, benefits, financial services, outsourcing and various products. Dalrada offers services to companies throughout the United States.

Their specialties include techniques for tax strategies, payroll advances, tax deferred benefits and supplemental insurance plans. Dalrada has a team that is able to assist their clients with numerous diverse topics. This includes vision and dental insurance and group coverage for dental insurance.

Bonar has carved a niche as an extremely distinguished businessman. He received the award for Executive of the Year from Cambridge. He holds a Ph.D. and participates in highly esteemed organizations like the American Finance Association. Bonar was schooled at the James Watt Technical College and his focus was mechanical engineering. He attended from 1963 until 1696. From 1973 until 1985 he went to Stafford University and also focused on mechanical engineering. He held a masters degree when he graduated.

In addition to his work with Dalrada Bonar is also involved with a company called Trucept. Their headquarters are in the North Country of San Diego. This company specializes in matters pertaining to employee benefits, human resources and payroll.

The employees are experts in these fields. Bonar is the CEO for the company. He started with Trucept in 2011. From 1969 until 2011 he worked for IBM. His experience is extensive. While with IBM he was responsible for motherboard outsourcing for specific IBM PC’s.

Bonar has acquired a strong set of highly varied skills in his career. He is incredibly knowledgeable in marketing techniques, small businesses, management consulting, business planning, corporate development, private equity, angel investing, turn around management, restructuring, strategic partnerships, sales, startup organizations, mergers & acquisitions, competitive assessments, sourcing, due diligence, process improvement, entrepreneurship, and contract negotiations.

Bonar has made it his business to know and fully understand not only his field but all related topics as well. Even with his heavy business load he still cares about his life outside of work. He truly loves being around the members of his family. His hobbies include boating and golfing which he indulges in whenever possible.