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November 18, 2017

How OSI Group Became A Global Player In The Food Processing Industry

Growth is arguably one of the many hallmarks of any healthy business. It must be said that growth can certainly present its own share of unique challenges for any business especially for business that is new to the industry that it is working in. There can be times when consumers’ demands can exceed the capabilities of what a business is currently able to deliver to its customers. Due to exponential and unexpected growth some businesses might find that they simply do not have the capacity to fulfill the number of shipments that they have received in a timely manner because they do not have enough products available or that they do not have enough staff members on their team to help them meet both customers’ demands and expectations of quality service. This can at times lead to customers being possibly being disappointed. But that said for all the challenges that growth can present to a business they are positive challenges to have. Challenges that are related to growth require a company to hire more professionals with new skill sets that will enable to company to take advantage of more business opportunities. Growth can also present the opportunity for a company to expand into markets and areas of expertise that it did not previously envision engaging in.

One company that knows what it is like experience growth is a company that is known as OSI Group. The OSI Group is an international food processing corporation that is based in the Mid-western United States. The OSI Group got its start by becoming one of the meat suppliers for the global restaurant company McDonald’s. The OSI Group would go on to expand its scope beyond supplying hamburger meat to one restaurant chain and go on to supply other kinds of meat products such as chicken, pork products of various kinds, sausages, sandwiches and frozen meals to restaurants and food service companies around the world.

While OSI Group once focused its business on meeting the demands of restaurants in a regional market in the United States it has long since expanded its purview to include supplying products to a wide variety of international markets. The company has done business with companies in East Asia and Europe. Recently OSI Group expanded its business interests in Europe by acquiring a company that was known as Flagship Europe. OSI Group’s decision to acquire the company Flagship Europe has enabled it to enhance its offering in the European marketplace.

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October 24, 2017

Unique Attributes of Bridget Scarr

Not everybody is born a leader. However, for Bridget Scarr, her leadership skills are just at the top. Bridget has been on the forefront in production and creating creative content. Currently, at Colibri Studios, she is the executive producer. She is also the head of content development, all partnerships, and strategies.

Bridget Scarr graduated from Rhodes University with a BA in Drama, Psychology, English, and Journalism between the years 2001-2004. Immediately, she became a production manager at Urban Brew Studios where she was in charge of production of different commercials. She, later on, joined Ogilvy & Mather and was a production manager to as she coordinated various TV Productions and campaigns. She has also worked at Bite Animation, Zero Point Studios, and Pollen Creative Media.

All this experience pushed her into coming up with Colibri Studios situated in the United Kingdom. The company was established in March 2016. Colibri is involved in content development as they try to create engaging stories that people can understand.

At Colibri, Bridget is involved in leading project development as well as seeking lucrative partnership deals. The partnerships include global production partners and looking for talented people. The firm has a reputation for combining research and unique ideas to come up with over-the-top projects.

Her all-rounded nature has helped the company a great deal. With branding, marketing, TV production and so on, she has brought a different kind of approach that differentiates Colibri from the rest. Her work involves having to research the emerging trends in the market so that they remain competitive. She believes that the company has to use advanced technology for it to stay in the market.

Bridget believes in unity. She prefers working with her team of experts as they brainstorm ideas and find ways of executing them. Her emphasis is on identifying a group that has similar objectives as the project for it to succeed. She believes that the team should be aware of the company’s goals so that they move towards the same direction.

Her massive contribution towards the development of the company has helped it grow immensely. Her unique input ensures that the company has new ideas that are most likely to penetrate the market. She advises future entrepreneurs to get mentors who will walk with them throughout the journey of their startups. Bridget also believes that with the right branding, a company is most likely to set itself apart from the rest. Her determination and motivation have brought her this far.


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October 20, 2017

Academy of University NYFW

This particular New York Fashion was showed on September 9, 2017 at Skylight Clarkson square. The first design follows Hailun Zhou’s work, and the clothes were inspired by the photographs she took at her creative concept class. The outfit shows the reflective shirt and pants that have numerous designs on them. Her other design features pink, reflective overalls with symbols on her designs which are made out of vinyl and PVC along with other fabrics. Eden Selzin, works come from the celebration on denim in San Francisco. The two jackets feature a denim jacket and pants along with a denim parka. Its made of organic denim and recycled rubber bikes to support sustain ability. Dina Marie Lam, is from Los Angeles and her designs were inspired by the passing of her aunt and wanted to convey her feelings through this collection. The soft and luxurious materials are use to convey her aunts warmth and comfort with a flower design. Her other outfit is a outwear design with a cloak that has numerous embroidered designs. Carlos Rodriguez was born in Mexico city and raised in California. His design uses a garment by using embroidery and different hand techniques. The design is blue and white.

Academy of Art university was established in San Francisco in 1929. Their university transforms talent and inspiration into innovation and creativity.

They prepare their students for design, they offer graduate and undergraduate courses. The University exists in an urban environment so the students can take inspiration from that as much as possible. The school has professional designers to come and share their experiences in their careers.

The school has been innovative online arts programs since 2002. The school holds over 70 art and gallery exhibitions every year in San Francisco. They have a NCAA sports program with 16 intercollegiate teams.

October 16, 2017

OSI Industries are the Standard for Global Food Processors

OSI Industries is a food processing company which operates in 17 different countries and in over 70 facilities worldwide and they demonstrate their business prowess in the vanguard of global companies that are changing the world. They put forth a cultural and environmental sensitivity in operations that make them a leader in these areas and they are wildly successful in their sales and their expanding market reach.

Sheldon Lavin is the owner and visionary CEO at OSI Industries and his financial skills have played a great role in their steady expansion over the years. They have now become one of the largest privately owned food processing companies with a growing global reach.

David McDonald is the President at OSI Industries and he weighs in on their acquisitions and he indicates that it isn’t merely adding capacity and square footage. Product development is also an important area and OSI has devoted significant resources to this concern. Their partnerships with clients in developing unique food products provide a boost to both companies and OSI Industries is adept at cultivating strategic relationships that last a long time.

OSI Industries is well positioned to meet a demanding consumer market across the globe with their tremendous array of resources that they command. They have expanded their product range to include natural and organic foods which provide more options for customers seeking the healthiest offerings. They also produce premium products for those willing to pay a little more and this is in keeping with their overall commitment to quality.

The CEO of OSI Industries, Sheldon Lavin, has been successful at infusing an entrepreneurial spirit into the business. Everyone within the company is encouraged to cultivate innovative and creative thinking in problem-solving and in general business operations. OSI’s corporate office is a place where Lavin keeps his door open and collaboration is emphasized throughout the place.

An example of the recent expansion program that OSI Industries is engaged in is their acquisition of the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. They now have access to 200,000 additional square feet to support their productivity with this purchase. For more info about us: click here.

OSI Industries is one of the world’s premier food providers and they partner with leading retail and food service brands. They provide custom food solutions that are made to a client’s specifications.
Their extensive supply chain is characterized by an expertise of global proportions and they are also in sync with local cultural traditions. They also utilize comprehensive research and design facilities to provide a quality of service that few companies can match.

September 19, 2017

Anthony Petrello- a business executive manager and philanthropist

Tony Petrello is the current chairman and CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. Nabors is an oil and natural gas drilling company. He joined the company in 1991 after quitting his job as a lawyer. He first joined the company as the chief operating officer. In the same year, he joined the board of directors of the company and consequently the executive board’s committee. A year later he was appointed the president of the firm. This was precipitated by his achievements in the first year of his leadership. One of the decisions he made to influence that way it did its business was to recommend the purchase of a $32 million rival company known as Grace Drilling. Another huge decision was made in 2010 when they purchased Superior Well Services.

In 2011, Tony Petrello was appointed to the position of the chief executive officer for the company. In the following year, 2012, he was, made the chairman of the company as well as chairman of the executive board’s committee. Since taking over the overall business management, the running of this company’s operations has been exceptionally top-notch. He has been able to maintain the firm level despite the stiff competition fronted by other companies. He has also been able to put the company in a progressive line of growth. Tony and his team in the leadership has exercised their role with a desire to achieve. They have made been able to accomplish their day-day operations as well as the long term goals set.

Apart from his management roles at Nabors, Tony Petrello has held a few other positions of management. Tony has been a director at Since 2011 he has also been a director at Stewart & Stevenson.

In the 1990s while working for Nabors, Tony married his university girlfriend, Cynthia. They then had a daughter called Carena. Unfortunately, when he was born she had a medical problem. She was suffering from cerebral palsy. This meant that she could not consume solid food until she reached the age of 7. This prompted Tony and his wife to think about what was happening to other children who came from financially challenged families. It was painful watching his own daughter suffer from this disease. It is for this reason that together with his wife, they decided to start charity contributions to help children with neurological disorders. Currently, he is the director of Texas Children’s Hospital. He donates millions of dollars towards medical research and for taking care of the children.

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July 11, 2016

Kenneth Goodgame Keeps His Company On Message

Kenneth Goodgame is the senior VP of True Value Hardware who is in charge of merchandising and design. He works very hard every day to make sure that his company looks the way that it should, and he also wants to be sure that all customers come into a store that makes them feel better about shopping for hardware and tools. The company was founded long ago with that down home feel that people like, and Kenneth Goodgame wants to be sure that he keeps that up.

The ways that he keeps up the look in the store is to be sure that he is honoring the styling from the past. People who walk into a True Value are going to see something that looks just like it might have in the past with some modern touches. The modern touches make it easy for people to have a good shopping experience, and the modern touches allow people to feel like they are finally in a good place to find what they are looking for. Everyone is slightly different, but they will all be very impressed with the way that True Value stores look.

Kenneth is responsible for making sure that the company is updating often to be sure that they will look modern while still retaining their old styling. That is the only way for people to feel like they are still connected to such a nice company. True Value has its own feeling that people want when they come through the door, and that is why it is so important for Kenneth Goodgame to do the work that he does. He is helping keep a classic company in the hearts and mind of its customers, and he is making sure that everyone who passes through the doors sees something that is both modern and rustic at the same time.

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