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July 11, 2016

Avi Weisfogel: Dentist, music maker and videographer

Avi Weisfogel is a man of many interests. While he might now only be known in the field of dentistry he is certainly working on expanding his fan base into other fields. For those readers who know nothing about Avi Weisfogel, fret not. Here is a bit of background on the subject in question:

Currently a co-owner of Dental Sleep Masters, as a dentist with a background in sleep apnea, Weisfogel has been treating sleep patients from day one. He also has always had an interest in marketing which drew him into becoming a part of different marketing clubs that the field of dentistry offers.

He would go on to do well enough marketing products such as “implants” and even “full mouth rehabs” and yet he reportedly was still struggling until 2010 when he gave up his general practice to found his current company. After millions of dollars and two years of work he developed a system to garner at least 250 “oral appliance patients” every month. He presently teaches this system to numerous others and has co-created the Dental Sleep Masters program. Thus he now reportedly contacts more doctors, dentists and of course patients.

Fortunately this gives him plenty of free time to play digital music maker and video creator. He has a specific interest in the genre of hip-hop which should not be surprising to anyone who has attempted to investigate his specific musical talents. He already has a Soundcloud account and a couple of online sources say he has some fans as well.

Apparently his products and services provide him with ample time and resources to enjoy other hobbies as well. They include such other interests as following the career of his favorite football team the New York Giants and amatuer photography as well. Finally, what bio piece on someone such as Weisfogel would be complete without a mention of charities?

Indeed, Weisfogel is said to be big on supporting multiple local charities. He has also held a crowdfunded campaign for other causes. The most well-known and appropriate one being the one which benefits Operation Smile of course.

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