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July 11, 2016

A Partnership For A Worthy Cause

The co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management, L.P., James Dondero, and Dallas civic leader and former president of The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation have partnered in an attempt to provide strategic direction to Highland Capital Management’s philanthropic endeavors. According to the company’s management, this is paramount as its charity giving program has significantly expanded over the years. Owen will be taking over the management of the organization’s charity. She will be working closely with The Dallas Foundation that is tasked with taking care of the company’s charity funds.

During the unveiling of the new partnership, James Dondero was quoted saying that since they have expanded their philanthropic activities, they recognize that there is an actual need to assign a professional to manage the funds so as to ensure that the contributions make a significant change. He also added that Linda Owen is well-known for establishing effective public-private partnerships in the Dallas area and that she shares the company’s vision of making a positive impact in the community.

Every year, Highland Capital Management contributes close to $3 million to various charitable organizations through The Dallas Foundation. These funds are mostly used in support of veterans’ causes, healthcare, education and the Dallas community in general. Some of the organizations that have significantly benefited from Highland Capital Management’s contribution include the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum, The Perot Museum of Nature, the Dallas Zoo, Uplift Education, the Center for Brain Health, the American Heart Association and Snowball Express, among other organizations. James, with the help of other company executives, helps in managing some of these recipient organizations through his position as board member.

Linda Owen once served as president and CEO of The Real Estate Council (TREC). As CEO, she headed the company’s commercial real estate association as well as it’s non-profit in the Fort Worth area. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from the University of Texas and a law degree from the University of Texas School of Law.

James Dondero is one of the notable names in the world of business today. He is an alumni of the University of Virginia’s Mcintire School of Commerce where he graduated with a dual major in Accounting and Finance. Other than that, James is also a Certified Management Accountant (CMA).

James co-founded Highland Capital Management where he now serves as president. As the company’s president, James oversees the set investment strategies as well as business operation. James has over three decades experience in the credit market.