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November 18, 2017

How OSI Group Became A Global Player In The Food Processing Industry

Growth is arguably one of the many hallmarks of any healthy business. It must be said that growth can certainly present its own share of unique challenges for any business especially for business that is new to the industry that it is working in. There can be times when consumers’ demands can exceed the capabilities of what a business is currently able to deliver to its customers. Due to exponential and unexpected growth some businesses might find that they simply do not have the capacity to fulfill the number of shipments that they have received in a timely manner because they do not have enough products available or that they do not have enough staff members on their team to help them meet both customers’ demands and expectations of quality service. This can at times lead to customers being possibly being disappointed. But that said for all the challenges that growth can present to a business they are positive challenges to have. Challenges that are related to growth require a company to hire more professionals with new skill sets that will enable to company to take advantage of more business opportunities. Growth can also present the opportunity for a company to expand into markets and areas of expertise that it did not previously envision engaging in.

One company that knows what it is like experience growth is a company that is known as OSI Group. The OSI Group is an international food processing corporation that is based in the Mid-western United States. The OSI Group got its start by becoming one of the meat suppliers for the global restaurant company McDonald’s. The OSI Group would go on to expand its scope beyond supplying hamburger meat to one restaurant chain and go on to supply other kinds of meat products such as chicken, pork products of various kinds, sausages, sandwiches and frozen meals to restaurants and food service companies around the world.

While OSI Group once focused its business on meeting the demands of restaurants in a regional market in the United States it has long since expanded its purview to include supplying products to a wide variety of international markets. The company has done business with companies in East Asia and Europe. Recently OSI Group expanded its business interests in Europe by acquiring a company that was known as Flagship Europe. OSI Group’s decision to acquire the company Flagship Europe has enabled it to enhance its offering in the European marketplace.

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November 03, 2017

In the World of Eric Lefkofsky Successes

Cancer is one of those diseases which causes shivers whenever mentioned, and it is estimated that 14.5 million people in the US only, are living with the disease.The number is expected to escalate even more if something is not done. With this in mind, you would be wrong to think that there is better handling of the patient’s data in the health industry. For instance, during the diagnosis of a close relative, Eric Lefkofsky found out that there is a massive gap in that field which made it difficult for patients to get correct diagnosis. Fortunately, out of this experience, Tempus a company which Eric is a co-founder in was born. The primary goal of Tempus is to change how data handling for cancer patients is done. To achieve that, Tempus created software to analyze the molecular and clinical data of each patient to enable more personalized treatment and care for each of the people living with cancer. It has however been not easy, for instance analyzing crucial information regarding the patients has not been easy since it is handwritten by the physicians. Additionally, collecting and analyzing molecular data is not a walk in the park as it involves sequencing of the human genome. Luckily, Tempus has a way around all these and has developed software which boasts optical character recognition and also processes natural language and the sequencing is set to become even more affordable. Through Tempus and other similar technologies, doctors will have sufficient information regarding their patients which will help them pair the patients with the right treatment for all diseases. To know about him click here.

Who is Eric Lefkofsky?

Born in Michigan, Detroit to be precise is a man who proves that no matter how small you start, you can always make it to the top if you keep up the passion and determination. Eric is a renowned American entrepreneur who has hands in the success of many companies such as Light bank and many others in which he occupied senior positions. His journey to success began some few years ago when he was still at the University of Michigan where he graduated in 1991. Here he showed his willpower to succeed by selling carpets to other students. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the law school of the same facility. Instead of venturing into law as many would expect, Lefkofsky ventured into an entirely different field which related to the internet. Here he thrived and rose to become among the top players, and by the year 2010, Eric and his partner had managed to start a multi-billion company. Today he is the CEO of Tempus and is known for his charitable acts. For instance, Eric with the help of his wife started a charitable organization known as Lefkofsky foundation which supports other nonprofit organizations in their charitable causes. At the age of 48 only, Eric is the epitome of success, and he continues to give back to the society through his many philanthropic acts.