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October 16, 2017

OSI Industries are the Standard for Global Food Processors

OSI Industries is a food processing company which operates in 17 different countries and in over 70 facilities worldwide and they demonstrate their business prowess in the vanguard of global companies that are changing the world. They put forth a cultural and environmental sensitivity in operations that make them a leader in these areas and they are wildly successful in their sales and their expanding market reach.

Sheldon Lavin is the owner and visionary CEO at OSI Industries and his financial skills have played a great role in their steady expansion over the years. They have now become one of the largest privately owned food processing companies with a growing global reach.

David McDonald is the President at OSI Industries and he weighs in on their acquisitions and he indicates that it isn’t merely adding capacity and square footage. Product development is also an important area and OSI has devoted significant resources to this concern. Their partnerships with clients in developing unique food products provide a boost to both companies and OSI Industries is adept at cultivating strategic relationships that last a long time.

OSI Industries is well positioned to meet a demanding consumer market across the globe with their tremendous array of resources that they command. They have expanded their product range to include natural and organic foods which provide more options for customers seeking the healthiest offerings. They also produce premium products for those willing to pay a little more and this is in keeping with their overall commitment to quality.

The CEO of OSI Industries, Sheldon Lavin, has been successful at infusing an entrepreneurial spirit into the business. Everyone within the company is encouraged to cultivate innovative and creative thinking in problem-solving and in general business operations. OSI’s corporate office is a place where Lavin keeps his door open and collaboration is emphasized throughout the place.

An example of the recent expansion program that OSI Industries is engaged in is their acquisition of the Tyson Foods plant in Chicago. They now have access to 200,000 additional square feet to support their productivity with this purchase. For more info about us: click here.

OSI Industries is one of the world’s premier food providers and they partner with leading retail and food service brands. They provide custom food solutions that are made to a client’s specifications.
Their extensive supply chain is characterized by an expertise of global proportions and they are also in sync with local cultural traditions. They also utilize comprehensive research and design facilities to provide a quality of service that few companies can match.

October 10, 2017

Services Offered By American Institute Of Architects

The AIA is a professional community of architects in the US. They offer a variety of services including education, government advocacy and also community development. They are also involved with other companies in designing and also construction works. Furthermore, they coordinate and assist those in the building industry.

The organization has more than ninety thousand registered architects. These members follow all regulations and rules set by the government. These members are divided into five sections. Architect members, associate members, and international associate members, emeritus and allied members. Students and other people can join the organization through American Institute of architecture students.

This institution is headed by professional directors who work for the company. Two hundred of this directors work full time. Although this group involves themselves in national businesses, they have over three hundred outlets around the country. This brings the services close to the members who need the AIA services.

The AIA offers a variety of services to cater for everybody in the market. They have pushed the government in performing some of an impossible project. This includes the practice of professionalism in the market. This will ensure that every American life is taken with care. Also, they are involved in several ways in making decisions in the national states.

Each client deserves the best service that can be offered by an organization. AIA understands this and therefore ensures that every customer is served with efficiency and professionalism. They get knowledge in the development of world-class construction and designs. Furthermore, AIA involves in professional interest areas including design all the way to regional urban development. All this is aimed at getting new ideas on the current markets.

Services offered by the AIA are one of a kind. Most people and companies have recognized this. They have received several awards including AIA gold medals and Architecture firm prize. These awards were received after AIA offered exceptional services to most of the enterprises in the country.

Prolific designers who have made a difference in the design and architecture come from best companies. AIA is not left behind. Their alumni and former students have made a great impact in the design industry. Some of them designed some of the significant buildings in the major cities around the world. This assures our clients of excellent service.

AIA should be on your top list when construction, design, and architecture come to your mind. All its services speak for themselves.

October 01, 2017

Jason Hope Has A Warning for Everyone

Technology has been the hallmark for this generation. Is has been the hinderance of millennials in the eyes of the older generations and has given rise to a new future that was once thought to happen in the Jetsons cartoons. But as the case with anything new, there are always people that try to take advantage of it. The new technologies people see on television commercials are being used by hackers to find and steal personal information from unknowing peoples. If this seems scary, it’s because it is, and it’s very real; just ask futurist Jason Hope.

Hope is a known futurist, or someone who studies patterns and tries to predict the future. Now Jason is not a soothsayer; he has a business degree from Arizona State University and has work experience in the IT field, which allows him to identify potential future happenings in the technological world. He warned of this coming, the coming of IoT, or the Internet of Things.

New technology like the Samsung Smart Refrigerators is being targeted by a new generation of hackers. They will use the fridges as a “man-in-the-middle” vulnerability to steal the passwords to other’s gmail accounts. It’s similar technology like the fridges that has people like Hope on edge. He says that the new technologies have low computing power, which does not allow for any advanced encryption to protect the sensitive information that may be stored or flown through the devices.

With people now using these IoT devices, and the constant threat about them being so high, people might wonder what can they do to protect themselves and their sensitive information. There are a few simple ways you can do it. One would be to change your password on the devices and your own accounts every so often so your information is not being kept safe by a stagnant password. Also, turn off unused technologies that could leave you vulnerable to attacks. This includes smart lights, cooking products, and others of the like. Another way to protect your information is to make sure all of your devices are on the same network and networks have their own unique identifying signature, that way administrators can quickly identify and combat potential attacks.

Jason Hope is on the brightest entrepreneurs in the tech-world. He is also one of the brightest futurists in the tech world and that has allowed him to be on the forefront of the IoT. While he is extremely excited about the Internet of Things, he also has given grave warnings.

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