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January 27, 2017

Makari: Natural Skin Brightening of The 21st Century

People of color are some of the most diverse and exotic people on the planet. They get their beautiful brown skin, which comes in many different shades, from Melanin. Unfortunately every person of color doesn’t posses the smoothest most radiant skin which can come from poor diet or other factors. There are many skincare products on the market for enhancing the skin, but many are unsafe to use and this is where Makari comes into the picture.

Makari de Suisse is the premier skincare brightening brand on the market today. The brand/company has been in business for over 10 years and it has firmly cemented it’s place as the leader. Makari has over 60 different products to choose from such as whitening exfoliating soap, exclusive toners, extreme carrot and argan oils, beauty whitening milk, day lightening treatments, night lightening treatments, clarifying gels, and numerous others.

These products bring your skin back to life thanks to it’s revitalizing affects. Hydration and nourishments help to regenerate the skin and the results is a smoother complexion that banishes hyperpigmentation, discoloration, acne marks, dark spots, and age spots. For the best in skin brightening from an organic source, Makari de Suisse is the winner hands down. All products are available for purchase internationally via


January 26, 2017

How George Soros’ Donations have Helped Democratic Party Candidates and Charity Organizations

George Soros is a Hungarian billionaire who is known for his generous contributions towards political campaigns. Since he made a high-profile comeback in the world of political donations in 2016, Soros has donated over $25 million to Democratic candidates such as Hilary Clinton. His wealth comes from his multi-million investments in currency trades. At 86 years old, Soros has earned the respect of people across the globe for his passion for changing the world into a safe place through charitable initiatives and donations. In 2016, he stood with Clinton as she was vying against Donald Trump.

George Soros catches up with the latest issues in politics through his political adviser, Michael Vachon. Vachon praised him, for his generous donations to the Democratic Party. He also pointed out that Soros cares about social issues such as religious tolerance, criminal justice, and immigration reforms on Forbes. He supports candidates who will help in solving these social problems affecting Americans today.

Besides Soros, Tom Steyer, Don Sussman, Fred Eychaner and Haim Saban have also funded political campaigns on Politico. Steyer is a San Francisco-based environmentalist who donated $31 million to support different campaigns. As a hedge funder residing in New York, Sussman has also spent $13.2 million to fund political activities on George Soros contributed $7 million to support Priorities USA Action that was launched by Clinton. The FEC also reported that he offered the American Bridge 21st Century a donation of $2 million.

Soros’ Contributions to Voter Mobilization Groups

George Soros is also passionate about non-profit institutions dedicated to eradicating voting restrictions. He recently donated $5 million to the Voting Right Trust that is managed by Marc Elias. The Voting Rights Trust was registered under a tax code that permits the institution to avoid disclosing its donors publicly. As the manager of the agency, Elias also works as Hilary Clinton’s campaign lawyer. Soros also partnered with his political adviser in supporting America Votes. The voter mobilization group received $3 million from the duo. Throughout his career as an investor, Soros has donated over $13 billion to non-profit organizations. These donations have facilitated the development of human rights organizations across the world.

Vachon reported that Soros had offered the Senate Majority PAC a $1.5 million donation. The money will be used to boost Senate candidates who are registered under the Democratic Party. The super PAC also seeks to support candidates who are advocates for social issues such as abortion rights. In 2004, Soros supported the opposition to Bush’s leadership during the Iraq War. He decided to fund John Kerry’s political agenda for him to challenge George Bush. When asked about the contribution, he said that it was an exception. He also pointed out that he will continue supporting philanthropic activities.

The Democracy Alliance

In 2005, he was instrumental in the launch of the Democracy Alliance. The alliance comprised of liberal donors. It was initiated to promote Democrats who are seeking positions in the state and federal governments. The alliance also focused on eradicating income inequality and climate change. Soros also supported Barack Obama who won during the 2008 presidential elections under a Democratic Party ticket.

January 25, 2017

Investing In Wealth with Jeffry Schneider and Ascendant Capital, LLC.

Jeffrey Schneider is the profound founder of the Texas-based financial advisory firm, Ascendant Capital, LLC. Ascendant Capital has been leveraging Schneider’s extensive skills in the in the innovative approach to financial structuring as well as sales and marketing. As such, the entity has managed to pool alternative investment funds for both the established and emerging investors. Working in collaboration with a network of family offices, broker-dealers, as well as investment banks, Ascendant Capital has managed to distribute its alternative investment funds globally.

Under the able leadership of Jeffrey Schneider, the firm has continuously experienced rapid growth within which it increased its employee base from juts two to over thirty qualified, reliable workers. In a period of five years, Schneider had managed to raise almost $1 billion for the firm’s managers. Today, Ascendant Capital encompasses over 260 investment advisors, more than fifty broker-dealers as well as numerous family offices. In addition, the firm features a keen interest in real estate, technology companies, and auto dealership ventures. With the jaw-dropping growth, Jeffrey and his associates at Ascendant Capital, LLC. Are set for a bright future.

In 2016, Ascendant Capital, LLC., aimed at raising $50 million every month, which was a dream that Jeffrey Schneider strived to make true. Relating to the market trends, Mr. Schneider strongly thinks that alternative investments are key to portfolio diversification and volatility reduction. Over the past few years, Ascendant Capital experienced astronomical growth, which is attributable to Jeffrey’s proactive approach to market trends. Ascendant Capital profoundly features an excellent and well-tailored culture. Jeffrey Schneider attributes both his and firm’s success to the inherent culture of the institution. Ascendant Capital leverages its environment to develop and sustain extensive relationships with all its stakeholders. The interests of the company are aligned in such a manner that gives the investors’ interests priority.

Jeffrey Schneider is a native of Manhattan. He ventured into the financial services industry on his graduation from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Jeffrey Schneider honed his skills and gained extensive experience while working for various renowned financial advisory companies. Prior to moving to Ascendant Capital, Jeffrey Schneider worked with Paradigm Global Advisors in 2002.

Jeffrey brought along a full spectrum of expertise and experience to his repertoire. It is at the Ascendant Capital where Jeffrey Schneider instituted a mechanism of evaluating the performance of the top officials. With a wide range of expertise in alternative investment, Jeffrey Schneider went on to establish his financial advisory company, Ascendant Capital. Jeffrey had the primary aim of offering objective and unbiased financial services free from conflict of interests. Ascendant Capital works with family offices, international markets, broker-dealers, and investment banks to facilitate the distribution of its financial advisory services. Noticeably, Jeffrey Schneider is a profound philanthropist where he utilizes various organizations such as the Gazelle Foundation, Cherokee Home for Children as well as Wonders and Warriors to support human causes.


January 19, 2017

Brian Bonar’s Esteemed Career

Brian Bonar is a well known investor who is based out of San Diego, California. In addition to being a prominent investment professional he is also an aficionado concerning finances. He shares all of the knowledge he has accumulated on the subject of finances.

Bonar is currently the CEO of Dalrada Financial. The company is also located in San Diego and provides their clients with insurance, benefits, financial services, outsourcing and various products. Dalrada offers services to companies throughout the United States.

Their specialties include techniques for tax strategies, payroll advances, tax deferred benefits and supplemental insurance plans. Dalrada has a team that is able to assist their clients with numerous diverse topics. This includes vision and dental insurance and group coverage for dental insurance.

Bonar has carved a niche as an extremely distinguished businessman. He received the award for Executive of the Year from Cambridge. He holds a Ph.D. and participates in highly esteemed organizations like the American Finance Association. Bonar was schooled at the James Watt Technical College and his focus was mechanical engineering. He attended from 1963 until 1696. From 1973 until 1985 he went to Stafford University and also focused on mechanical engineering. He held a masters degree when he graduated.

In addition to his work with Dalrada Bonar is also involved with a company called Trucept. Their headquarters are in the North Country of San Diego. This company specializes in matters pertaining to employee benefits, human resources and payroll.

The employees are experts in these fields. Bonar is the CEO for the company. He started with Trucept in 2011. From 1969 until 2011 he worked for IBM. His experience is extensive. While with IBM he was responsible for motherboard outsourcing for specific IBM PC’s.

Bonar has acquired a strong set of highly varied skills in his career. He is incredibly knowledgeable in marketing techniques, small businesses, management consulting, business planning, corporate development, private equity, angel investing, turn around management, restructuring, strategic partnerships, sales, startup organizations, mergers & acquisitions, competitive assessments, sourcing, due diligence, process improvement, entrepreneurship, and contract negotiations.

Bonar has made it his business to know and fully understand not only his field but all related topics as well. Even with his heavy business load he still cares about his life outside of work. He truly loves being around the members of his family. His hobbies include boating and golfing which he indulges in whenever possible.

January 18, 2017

The Launch of Beyond the Darkness

In a new podcast, “Beyond the Darkness”, the paranormal is explored. As explained by Norman Pattiz, Founder and Executive of Chairman of PodcastOne, this new show appears on WWE star Chris Jericho’s podcast network. The show will feature informative as well as entertaining conversations with leading world-renowned researchers and those that claim to have experienced a paranormal event. The show will cover such phenomena as ghosts, aliens, demons, angels, and other mysteries. The show will be hosted by Dave Schrader, author and radio host, as well as Tim Dennis who is a radio producer and host. A new episode will be released every Monday on, the PodcastOne app and iTunes.

Chris Jericho has become one of the biggest stars of the network. He started out on the network focused on wrestling but has since expanded into other areas such as presenting new comedians and now the paranormal. Chris has heaped praise upon the hosts of the show, Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis, and is convinced they will deliver a large fan base for the show as well as their deep knowledge of the subject manner and their ability to share it with their audience.

In 1974 Norman Pattiz founded and served as Chief Executive Officer of Westwood One Inc. Under his Leadership Westwood One, Inc. became the largest radio media broadcasting company in the United States. In addition to WestWood One, Inc. Mr. Pattiz has also founded other media companies such as Courtside Entertainment Group, which is focused on providing sports entertainment media. In addition to his business activities he was assigned to the Broadcasting Board of Governors by President Clinton, has been a Regent of the University of California, and various other high level positions in and outside of media.

In 2012 Norman launched and became Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, which is now the leader in audio on-demand programming delivered through the internet. PodcastOne features a long line of highly visible entertainment names including Penn Jillette, Adam Carolla, Dan Patrick, and Dr. Drew. As PodcastOne is still a small company Norman Pattiz is involved in all facets of the company. He is part of the team that brings in the talent to produce the podcasts, ad sales, marketing, and everything in between.

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January 11, 2017

4 Things You Should Know About Doe Deere

She Is A Proud Vegan

Doe Deere is a strict ethical vegan and everything about her product line reflect this. She understands that, unfortunately, there are many makeup lines using animal products as ingredients. In protest of this cruelty Deere does not allow any animal products in Lime Crime makeup. This isn’t some gimmick she uses to boost sales either. Deere personally donates to nonprofits focusing on helping shelter animals find homes.



She Was One Of The First Web Celebrities

Doe Deere rose to fame during the mid 2000s. It was a time that saw the beginnings of Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and other major social media websites. She didn’t have any precedents to rely on or copy either. Instead, Doe Deere had to pioneer an entirely new path for herself towards stardom. Once she reached stardom her fan base was large and loyal. This what led to the idea to launch her own makeup line. She knew her fans wanted someone to give them something that represented their own style and interests. From that point on she was an entrepreneur.



She Wants To Encourage Women In Business

As a successful female entrepreneur, Deere had to overcome many serious obstacles in the process of creating her business. She understands how difficult it is for many women to start their own business and she chooses to help them out by teaching young women some of the things that helped her succeed. Right now, Lime Crime is business raking in millions in revenue with a 9 year history. The vast majority of businesses fail within the first 4 years. To reach the position that Deere has and to maintain it for as long as she has is no fluke. She is truly a business prodigy.



Her Business Continues To Grow

The amazing success that Lime Crime has had continues and the brand grows every day. Since she was a small a girl, Deere has wanted to find a way to express her creativity and love of bright colors. With Lime Crime, Doe Deere lives out that dream with her fans. Additionally, her business is an accurate reflection of her values. Lime Crime is vegan, all natural, and empowering. All too often in the world of business young women are forced to compromise and change who they are. Fortunately, Doe Deere is the same person she was when she started her business.

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January 09, 2017

Simple Steps To Healthier Hair

Hair is one of the top things that is important to take care of. Everyday we put our hair through so much stuff. Whether it is cleaning it, styling it, using a styling tool on it or anything else we put our hair through it can become dry and damaged. When Hair becomes dry and damaged it has no bounce and no volume and can even have split ends. There are many ways to help care for your hair to ensure it stays healthy and shiny even through all the styling and products. Below are just some of the few ways you can take simple steps to make your hair healthier.

Use Sulfate Free Products

Sulfate can be very damaging for hair. It can cause it to be dry and split. Avoiding products with sulfate in it is one major was to get healthier hair. Instead try using products that opt for more natural cleaning agents. One of the best sulfate free washes is the Wen By Chaz Depp Cleansing Conditioner. The conditioner both cleans hair as will as conditions and nourishes it. Wen is a hair care brand by Chaz Dean ( that became popular well over a decade ago when they first introduced their sulfate free products. Ever since then they have sold millions and millions of bottles of their products. The deep cleansing conditioner is very easy to use simply wet the hair and apply the product. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before rinsing out. Once it is rinsed out hair will be healthier, shiner and much more manageable.

Try Adding Moisture

Hair often looks and feels dry because it is lacking in moisture. By adding moisture back into the hair is will have more life and more volume. One of the best ways to add moisture to the hair is by using a mask. One of the best masks to try is the Wen By Chaz intensive moisture treatment mask. This is the perfect mask for all hair type and styles and will leave hair feeling refreshed and full of bounce. Simply wash hair as normal and apply the mask to wet hair. Allow it to sit for at least 20 to 30 minutes for the best results. Hair will be much smoother and softer.

More information can be found on the website and official Twitter account.