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October 27, 2016

A Sound Idea for Business Owners

The domestic business world is currently facing quite a few dilemmas, especially when considering how poor the economy is veering within the United States. According to Bloomberg, In order to try and defeat these potentially dangerous times within the business World, entrepreneurial genius Billy McFarland, a twenty-three-year-old man, has recently created a special discount program that also acts as a social network platform.

This discount program is known as Magnises, members who joined the program are given special metal cards. These cards can be used to replace credit cards, and they act in the same way. When a member goes to a certain location such as a bar or a restaurant for a business meeting they can use this card as a form of payment to receive heavily discounted prices on services rendered.

This is a big deal for business owners and sales people as it means that these business meetings, which are very important for the progression of a company, can save a lot of money.

Business meetings can prove to be quite costly, sometimes costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on what type of meeting it is and the location that it takes place that.

The Magnises program seeks to cut these costs significantly, with the same price on a single business meeting before the discounted price being able to potentially pay for several meetings instead.

McFarland has created this program with businesses in mind, which will undoubtedly cause business growth exponentially within the next few years.

It is exciting times for business owners both domestically and potentially internationally. This particular discount program offers a lot to companies to take advantage of it, allowing sales people to save their companies hundreds or thousands of dollars on business meeting deals.

This saved amount of money can then be spent on other areas within the company and can be used for company growth.

October 01, 2016

Lovaganza 2020 Celebrations Officially Announced

Lovaganza is an entertainment brand that makes worldwide celebrations to promote peace and unity and inspire humanity. It has officially announced the dates for its highly anticipated celebrations. The celebrations that were initially set for 2015 were postponed to 2020. This postponement will allow for more time to integrate emerging entertainment technologies and incorporate unique ideas on Lovaganza 2020 celebrations are Bohemian-inspired. The festival will be defined by classic Cinerama experience and a reflection of the World’s fairs of the past.

Inspired by the past, present and the future of all nations on earth, the celebrations are set to take place between May and September 2020 in eight flagship locations around the world. During the celebration, all cultures in the world shall be showcased. In addition, the immersive entertainment shall include motion pictures, live events and exhibitions.

Prior to the 2020 celebrations, a Traveling Show is set to start in 2017 in order to promote the main event. During the show, people will experience a cinematic 3D experience of Lovaganza. The Traveling Show will be followed by the presentation of three motion pictures. During the show, the new glasses 3D technology shall be used. In addition, standard 3D and 2D technologies shall be unveiled.

The shooting of the preliminary footage of the three films has already begun in many countries, including the United States, Spain and France. The shooting on instagram will resume in India, Africa and the rest of the world. This film trilogy will also be shown during the Traveling Show on spectacular Immerscope screens. The show intends to create a nostalgic feel of the old Cinerama screens while incorporating new and future technologies.

About Lovaganza
Lovaganza is run in two distinct structures, which are Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise and the Lovaganza Foundation. The Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise is a profitable structure whose role is to provide global entertainment that brings wonder and inspires the world as a way to explore and discover all cultures on earth. The function of Lovaganza Foundation is to utilize the success of the Entertainment Franchise in order to create a positive impact as it supports regional and global initiatives globally.

Lovaganza is driven by a strong belief that a healthy and prosperous world can only be achieved through uniting and bonding over a common interest of understanding our connections and uniqueness. Through the celebrations, Lovaganza aims to create awareness about all cultures on earth.

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