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July 06, 2016

Norka Luque Is The Singer You Want To Hear

Some people are born with a number of talents and beauty and Norka Luque is one such person. From ballet to culinary art and participating in a band, she has shown that no one has to limit themselves to one passion. Her time in a band soon brought her to realize how much she loved singing and that was what she wanted to do.

Flash ahead and four years later she got to meet someone who showed faith in her talent that soon shot her to stardom. Emilio Estefan Jr. appreciated her voice and helped to give her the start she needed to become successful in what she considers to be a gift to others.

Norka Luque is more than just a pretty face and amazing singer. For her, her songs and shows are about giving a mess of positivity and sharing something with her fans. She has been through tough personal situations herself and knows how music can get you through and this may be one reason why she connects so well with her audience.

As someone who has known personal turmoil and who has gone through humiliating experiences such as gaining excessive weight-which she has now lost-she is easy to relate to and doesn’t come across as haughty star. Although she has every right to be a celebrity snob with her amazingly powerful and attractive voice, she is the singer that draws people to her through her unique and down-to-earth way of being.

“Milagro” is a song that she has been working on in collaboration with a number of popular artists and it has gained a lot of popularity in the United States where Venezuelan-born Norka Luque is a resident. With a voice like hers and a story behind the lyrics, there is no doubt that her music and her voice will be a hit for many years to come.

Norka’s music is a combination of genres that give her sound a fun and exotic vibe that sounds like a mix of reggae, ballads, pop, and more. This unique sound in combination with her incredible voice is a reason why Norka Luque is fast becoming a well-known name. Follow Luque on Twitter @norkaluque to learn more.