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June 29, 2016

JustFab: Personality All in One Look

Summer is no longer right around the corner, it’s here! Gone are the fashionable boots, leggings and scarves. If you are like me, then you are probably way more excited then you should be about what’s going to be trendy and fashionable this summer. The anticipation of wearing that super cute bikini or those new shorts that you have been waiting to wear for a summer outing is becoming more than anticipation. Being able to be cute all summer long is every girls dream. I absolutely love the new summer trends and can not wait to have a girls night out so that I may show off my impeccable style.

One site that I love right now for all my fashion needs for the summer is JustFab. JustFab allows me to take a fashion personality quiz and then picks out the perfect outfits for me to get the perfect summer look. From shoes, apparel, and even bags, JustFab tailors to the most trendy styles for every personality. This makes it easier for us girls to find the trends we love while also surprising us with new looks.

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JustFab Summer Shop

The style is personal. It is an expression of individuality and as women, individuality is important to us. It allows us to express who we are through our style choice. What I love about JustFab is that it gives me the opportunity to do just that. By taking the style quiz, I have the ability to choose who I want to be for the summer. Being able to experiment with my look while also still being trendy and not looking ridiculous is a huge plus in my fashion book.

I know my wardrobe for this summer is mostly going to consist of strappy summer dresses and cowgirl boots. JustFab introduced me to this look and I believe its a look that I can wear to any fun summer event. Obviously, this look is not going to work for every casual cool chic, but that’s the beauty of JustFab, the ability to personalize and be who you want to be this summer. 
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June 17, 2016

Doe Deere Believes People Should Follow Their Dreams

Doe Deere is as open about her entrepreneurial success as she is about her fashion preferences. This Russian born go-getter describes herself as always having been an imaginative person. The first big dream she chose to pursue was becoming a musician in New York. This dream allowed her to learn a lot about how the world of business worked. Ms. Deere it seems, has always possessed the ability to turn her passion into a profitable business. In an online interview she discussed how at the young age of 13, she found temporary tattoos and sold them to her classmates. She was able to popularize the tattoos by showing her friends they were cool to wear.

Follow Your Heart

As the founder of the now popular line of cosmetics known as Lime Crime, Doe Deere is quick to lend her advice to those looking to make their dreams come true. She tells people to follow their hearts when looking for something to pursue as a business venture. As her unique line of cosmetics reflects, Ms. Deere strongly believes every person is special and has something unique onto themselves to offer the world. The key is in knowing who you really are and what you really want to achieve.

Ms. Deere’s passion for unusual color combinations is what led her to create her own line of brightly colored cosmetics. She was truly amazed by how many other people had been looking for the exact same type of product line. The unusual colors found in the line of Lime Crime cosmetics is what Ms. Deere attributes to the success of her company.

Express Yourself

When asked about her personal view of makeup, Doe Deere stated she liked using makeup as a way of expressing her personal freedom. She firmly believes that people should have the ability to express who they are without being judged. Ms. Deere also believes individuality and freedom of expression extend to the world of fashion and hair. As a way of expressing her unique personality, Ms. Deere frequently changes the color of her hair to match the outfits she wears. She can also coordinate her makeup by using any number of the bold shades found in her Lime Crime series of lip and eye colors.