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January 13, 2018

How Life Line Screenings Is Changing Lives

Health screenings are the most important way we can change our lives for the better/ When we are aware of what is going wrong with our bodies we have the ability to change things before they reach a point of no return. Life Line Screenings is doing just that and giving people the ability to understand what they need to do in order to make their lives better. These tests are giving doctors and patients alike what they need to understand in order to come out on top and stop disease before it takes over their lives. There are many reasons to get this testing but regardless of the reasons, people always find a positive way to make their lives better.

Life Line Screenings gives out a variety of tests that cover just about anything that can happen to you. This means that you can be prepared for diabetes, hypertension, and countless other issues that may prop up. The variety of tests does so much more than give people a way to help themselves. It’s giving doctors way to better understand these diseases and what they can do to people. That’s something everyone can get behind no matter what. Life Line Screenings is deeply involved in research and it uses the testing it gives out as part of that. They have helped discover important insights used by doctors in developing treatment plans for some of the most prominent diseases of our day.

Life Line Screenings is helping people live better lives and change the way that they do things for themselves. When you understand why you have what you have and what your status is, you’re going to do something about it. Nobody wants to sit there and let themselves suffer from ailments. The accurate results of Life Line Screenings tell the entire story. They give people what they need to know about their personal health and doctors can go from there. Testing is the cornerstone of medicine and it’s what all treatments must be based on. Doctors can’t treat diseases if they don’t know what the patient’s profile is like. Helping them reach the right understanding changes everything. The people can finally rest with the knowledge they need to continue on. Well informed patients are in a perfect situation. They know what they are where they are but they have a plan that will help them turn things around.

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January 12, 2018

Natural Treatment for ADHD and Depression

What is Neurocore therapy? Neurocore therapy is an innovative natural way to treat mental conditions. The patient is placed in a quiet room at a cubicle. Electrodes with ten20 paste are placed on their head and ears. This is done to chart their heartbeat and breathing.

When the heartbeat is too high the monitor encourages the patient to take deep breaths. The oxygen causes the blood to circulate in the brain and causes epinephrine to release. Read more at about Neurocore.

The epinephrine lowers the stress in the brain. The patient receives a burst of energy. As a result, their ability to concentrate is heightened.

This mental state is then rewarded by enlarging the screen. This treatment is repeated throughout every session. By the end of the last session, the brain begins to correct its own unbalance.

Who developed Neurocore Therapy? Dr. Tim Royer a former neuropsychologist founded the Neurocore therapy. He founded Neurocore at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, In 2004.

What Are Patients Saying ? Denise Kooiker told Fox17 that the Neurocore Therapy really works. Her son Landon stopped biting his nails after 2 years of treatment.


Tiffany Pojeski told Fox17 that she reached out to Neurocore Therapy to help her 8-year-old son Jackson. He was unable to complete easy tasks at home and sleep. She asked him to put his socks in the hamper and he would have a meltdown.

Jackson had 40 sessions of Neurocore therapy and he began to sleep at night. His mother said he was able to focus during the day. Jackson did a 180 after Neurocore therapy, says his mom.

Neurocore Therapy is free of effects. The therapy is non-invasive and only cost $2200 for the diagnostic testing and 30 therapy sessions. No medicine is required during or after treatment. The treatment is painless and easy. The patients are in a quiet and semi-private environment. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

January 06, 2018

Sentient AI Ecommerce Recommendation Engine

Sentient AI is making waves inside the market of ecommerce. While companies use technology known as a recommendation engine, they could right away gain business which could take years to get out of a conventional shop clerk. However how does this notable new era work?

Sentient AI is a suite of algorithms based totally off intelligent systems getting to know you and speedy processing. The algorithms have interaction with the human and decide which objects are quality desires for him or her. As soon as the program has a hard and fast set of statistics to operate from, it starts working with the human making recommendations. It’s going to choose the excellent objects according to your specific tastes; it remembers comparable objects you looked at inside the catalogue. The technique takes seconds and can be more correct than a salesperson.

AI powered ecommerce recommendation engines are the first-class manner for ecommerce groups to interact with their purchaser base. It’s going to find out about every client. Out of your employer’s stock of items, it’ll make a spread of approximate conduct and tastes in less time than a human mind can process. Sentient AI ecommerce recommendation engines are the excellent way to reinforce sales, sell your stock, and comfortably generate a constant boom inside the online market. While you provide new levels of value for your customers they will respond with more shopping. By making their purchasing quick and clean you’re doing them a solid and they’ll praise you for it with repeated business.

The high-quality Sentient AI ecommerce recommendation engine may have laser-like accuracy and could pinpoint your customers’ wants and needs at more than one point. It will tune metrics throughout numerous pages to your website and observe the effectiveness across multiple advertising and marketing channels. It will actively study your clients’ possibilities and conduct and use that information to steer shopping. By way of amassing huge statistics on buyers’ habits your sentient AI ecommerce recommendation engine may have greater intelligence and the capacity to interact as if it were a real person. It’ll guide your clients through the complete buying process.

The first-class part about sentient AI ecommerce recommendation engine is that it’s super appealing to clients. People want their shopping to be brief and clean. With this intelligent set of rules you may give them the precise experience they may be wishing for. Agencies like Amazon have already adopted the algorithm. The customized hints you spot in your web page are the end result of clever algorithms.

January 05, 2018

Brazilian Advertising Executive Alexandre Gama

Alexandre Gama is the founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Compliance Officer of Neogama, which is one of Brazil’s top 20 advertising agencies. After he received his Advertising and Communications degree from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation, he began his career in that field at a company called Standard Ogilvy and Mather, where he held the position of copywriter.

He went on from there to work as a copywriter and creative director in several other companies, like Young and Rubicam, where he was not only the CEO, but was also a member of their Global Board. He later became the first Brazilian-born person to head a British-based network of agencies known as BBH. After working in these top positions at other companies for many years, he decided to start his own in 1999. Since then, his agency, Neogama, has won several awards, including Agency of the Year in 2002.

Alexandre Gama, who was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1958, is not only an experienced and successful advertising executive, but he is also the founder a musical venture by the name of VIOLAB, which is an acoustic guitar program that involves a recording studio, a radio show, a recording label and a YouTube channel.

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December 23, 2017

Paul Mampilly suggests 3 new technology sectors to invest in

If you are looking to invest your money into something lucrative, it’s good to consult a professional. Luckily there’s Paul Mampilly to the rescue! He has over 25 years experience as a financial advisor, so he knows what he’s talking about. He has even won the Templeton Foundation investment competition. Paul Mampilly is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Capuchin Consulting. He also founded the super popular financial newsletter Profits Unlimited. It suggests stocks to invest in that Paul himself has personally researched and watched over a period of time.

The financial guru received a BBA at Montclair State University in Accounting and Finance. Then at Fordham Graduate School of Business he got his MBA in Finance. With all his years of experience he is on the pulse of investment trends that are going to be huge. Here are three that Paul Mampilly suggests to invest in now.

3-D printing is becoming a growing field that was built from the affects of natural disasters. They use 3-D printing to build houses with a lot less hassle and in a much shorter period of time. Because tornadoes and hurricanes there is a huge need to rebuild communities. Unfortunately, it can take many years and big money to finish, but with the help of 3-D printing you can cut down the time drastically and can cut costs by 40 percent! Investing in this type of technology will definitely reap huge rewards in the future.

Amazon announced to the public that they are going to get involved in the medication/pharmacy sector really soon. Instead of going through the hassle of getting your medication at the pharmacy you can order it off Amazon without the headache. When you get your medication at the pharmacy they can jack up the cost up to 36 percent because of the middle-men involved. You also have to go through quite a process to get it, including waiting for the prescription to be filled. Investing in Amazon’s medication delivery will certainly be fruitful.

Paul Mampilly has one more investment suggestion. It is all about virtual reality, which is becoming huge right now. More and more there are things all over the internet about virtual reality and augmented reality. It is a great way for viewers to feel like they are experiencing something firsthand. Companies producing this type of software and technology have grown over 900 percent in the last couple of years.

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December 09, 2017

Jason Hope: Anti-aging Research Philanthropist

Jason Hope is an Arizona-based Internet entrepreneur researching anti-aging initiatives. The Sens Foundation is a non-profit anti-aging research organization that has tried to tackle age related disease such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes since 2009. Hope is a skilled futurist who can predict new trends, having a clear understanding of technology. He feels the Internet is a part of our future as more devices are invented to allow us to connect. Companies need to use the Internet more and more these days. Hope has a degree in finance from Arizona State University, as well as an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

The SENS Research Foundation has held the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference: Emerging Regenerative Medicine Solutions for the Diseases of Aging in Santa Clara, CA. This conference is designed to bring leadership from fields such as academic, industrial, investments, policies, and disease activism groups, all whom, are working together in one place to combine their efforts. The SENS acronym stands for “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence.” The group is making an effort to reduce diseases brought by aging. The SENS foundation works on scientific research, advocacy, and education to help professionals treat age-related illnesses that the anti-aging industry seeks to combat.

Scientists have quite a few barriers to working on anti-aging research such as funding, support, and regulations, which slows down their efforts to make new anti-aging medicines. Age-related illness includes Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, macular degeneration, musculoskeletal disease, and Parkinson’s disease. The focus of the conference is on how to prevent these devastating illnesses that ravage aging bodies. Jason Hope has donated $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation. The SENS foundation wants to engage in anti-aging research to advance medical science by which they want to reverse aging altogether.

Hope started his career as a mobile communications company but he then changed his focus to philanthropy, biotechnology, and start-ups. His advice for entrepreneurs is to work on one project at a time since many have trouble staying on one task at a time. He has a grant program where he gives away $500 to young entrepreneurs; he has placed a lot of faith in young entrepreneurs, whose future is about developing new technology. He believes that IoT “Internet of Things” technology creating integrative devices has come a long way. Hope believes in looking at the bigger picture, not the smaller details like he used to when he first started. More and more devices are going to be connected in the future.

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December 05, 2017

Rick Smith Of Securus Technologies Releases Customer’s Feedback On Solving And Preventing Crime Using Technology

Recently, Securus released customers’ comments on its technological solutions that help in solving and preventing crime. From a press release that I read on PRNewswire, the provider of civil and criminal technology solutions’ chief executive officer published samples of letters and emails from jail and prison officials who are using the company’s solutions.

The letters and emails are from officials charged with the duty of taking care of inmates across the United States. The officials have used Securus’ technology solutions to prevent and solve crimes. This success has helped in improving the security in the correctional facilities. It has also led to a safer society. I believe that the company expunged any detail such as facility names, counties, and states for purposes of protecting the officials and their facilities.

Speaking during the event, Richard A. ‘Rick’ Smith revealed that his company produced a minimum of one new service or product every week. These products are aimed at improving security in the prisons. The company’s solutions are used for communication, operation management and enhancing investigation. All communications made through the company’s VoIP platform are recorded and can be availed to jail administrations anytime, thus preventing and solving criminal activities inside and outside the prison.

In one of the samples, a client thanked the company for their assistance that enabled the jail officials in the facility to use information from phone calls made from the prison to arrest a corrupt staff. The staff was involved in bringing contraband to inmates in the facility for a fee. In another comment sample, prison officials were able into investigates suspicion of drug selling and alcohol use by the inmates. This information was originally published on PRNewswire.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based provider of technology solutions to correctional facilities. The company has over 3,450 clients, including corrections, public safety and law enforcement agencies. Securus’ products and services seek to enhance emergency response, safeguard public information, augment communication as well as facilitate biometric analysis, information management, monitoring and promote incident management. This information was originally reported on LinkedIn.


November 18, 2017

How OSI Group Became A Global Player In The Food Processing Industry

Growth is arguably one of the many hallmarks of any healthy business. It must be said that growth can certainly present its own share of unique challenges for any business especially for business that is new to the industry that it is working in. There can be times when consumers’ demands can exceed the capabilities of what a business is currently able to deliver to its customers. Due to exponential and unexpected growth some businesses might find that they simply do not have the capacity to fulfill the number of shipments that they have received in a timely manner because they do not have enough products available or that they do not have enough staff members on their team to help them meet both customers’ demands and expectations of quality service. This can at times lead to customers being possibly being disappointed. But that said for all the challenges that growth can present to a business they are positive challenges to have. Challenges that are related to growth require a company to hire more professionals with new skill sets that will enable to company to take advantage of more business opportunities. Growth can also present the opportunity for a company to expand into markets and areas of expertise that it did not previously envision engaging in.

One company that knows what it is like experience growth is a company that is known as OSI Group. The OSI Group is an international food processing corporation that is based in the Mid-western United States. The OSI Group got its start by becoming one of the meat suppliers for the global restaurant company McDonald’s. The OSI Group would go on to expand its scope beyond supplying hamburger meat to one restaurant chain and go on to supply other kinds of meat products such as chicken, pork products of various kinds, sausages, sandwiches and frozen meals to restaurants and food service companies around the world.

While OSI Group once focused its business on meeting the demands of restaurants in a regional market in the United States it has long since expanded its purview to include supplying products to a wide variety of international markets. The company has done business with companies in East Asia and Europe. Recently OSI Group expanded its business interests in Europe by acquiring a company that was known as Flagship Europe. OSI Group’s decision to acquire the company Flagship Europe has enabled it to enhance its offering in the European marketplace.

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November 03, 2017

In the World of Eric Lefkofsky Successes

Cancer is one of those diseases which causes shivers whenever mentioned, and it is estimated that 14.5 million people in the US only, are living with the disease.The number is expected to escalate even more if something is not done. With this in mind, you would be wrong to think that there is better handling of the patient’s data in the health industry. For instance, during the diagnosis of a close relative, Eric Lefkofsky found out that there is a massive gap in that field which made it difficult for patients to get correct diagnosis. Fortunately, out of this experience, Tempus a company which Eric is a co-founder in was born. The primary goal of Tempus is to change how data handling for cancer patients is done. To achieve that, Tempus created software to analyze the molecular and clinical data of each patient to enable more personalized treatment and care for each of the people living with cancer. It has however been not easy, for instance analyzing crucial information regarding the patients has not been easy since it is handwritten by the physicians. Additionally, collecting and analyzing molecular data is not a walk in the park as it involves sequencing of the human genome. Luckily, Tempus has a way around all these and has developed software which boasts optical character recognition and also processes natural language and the sequencing is set to become even more affordable. Through Tempus and other similar technologies, doctors will have sufficient information regarding their patients which will help them pair the patients with the right treatment for all diseases. To know about him click here.

Who is Eric Lefkofsky?

Born in Michigan, Detroit to be precise is a man who proves that no matter how small you start, you can always make it to the top if you keep up the passion and determination. Eric is a renowned American entrepreneur who has hands in the success of many companies such as Light bank and many others in which he occupied senior positions. His journey to success began some few years ago when he was still at the University of Michigan where he graduated in 1991. Here he showed his willpower to succeed by selling carpets to other students. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the law school of the same facility. Instead of venturing into law as many would expect, Lefkofsky ventured into an entirely different field which related to the internet. Here he thrived and rose to become among the top players, and by the year 2010, Eric and his partner had managed to start a multi-billion company. Today he is the CEO of Tempus and is known for his charitable acts. For instance, Eric with the help of his wife started a charitable organization known as Lefkofsky foundation which supports other nonprofit organizations in their charitable causes. At the age of 48 only, Eric is the epitome of success, and he continues to give back to the society through his many philanthropic acts.

October 24, 2017

Unique Attributes of Bridget Scarr

Not everybody is born a leader. However, for Bridget Scarr, her leadership skills are just at the top. Bridget has been on the forefront in production and creating creative content. Currently, at Colibri Studios, she is the executive producer. She is also the head of content development, all partnerships, and strategies.

Bridget Scarr graduated from Rhodes University with a BA in Drama, Psychology, English, and Journalism between the years 2001-2004. Immediately, she became a production manager at Urban Brew Studios where she was in charge of production of different commercials. She, later on, joined Ogilvy & Mather and was a production manager to as she coordinated various TV Productions and campaigns. She has also worked at Bite Animation, Zero Point Studios, and Pollen Creative Media.

All this experience pushed her into coming up with Colibri Studios situated in the United Kingdom. The company was established in March 2016. Colibri is involved in content development as they try to create engaging stories that people can understand.

At Colibri, Bridget is involved in leading project development as well as seeking lucrative partnership deals. The partnerships include global production partners and looking for talented people. The firm has a reputation for combining research and unique ideas to come up with over-the-top projects.

Her all-rounded nature has helped the company a great deal. With branding, marketing, TV production and so on, she has brought a different kind of approach that differentiates Colibri from the rest. Her work involves having to research the emerging trends in the market so that they remain competitive. She believes that the company has to use advanced technology for it to stay in the market.

Bridget believes in unity. She prefers working with her team of experts as they brainstorm ideas and find ways of executing them. Her emphasis is on identifying a group that has similar objectives as the project for it to succeed. She believes that the team should be aware of the company’s goals so that they move towards the same direction.

Her massive contribution towards the development of the company has helped it grow immensely. Her unique input ensures that the company has new ideas that are most likely to penetrate the market. She advises future entrepreneurs to get mentors who will walk with them throughout the journey of their startups. Bridget also believes that with the right branding, a company is most likely to set itself apart from the rest. Her determination and motivation have brought her this far.


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